1.  Organize academic conferences, bringing different forms of ideas to something greater which promote scientific development and innovation thinking.

2.   Arrange various forms of continuing education and training to improve the quality of IT personnel.

3.  Organize international scientific and technological exchange activities to forge a better relationship with international scientific organizations between personnel and countries.

4.  Develop members, creating a holistic organization that cultivates and recommends talents.



Our vision as a regional non-profit organization is to create a community where all researchers and engineers, whether senior scientists or young professionals, can

  • Establish lifelong friendships
  • Gain reputable mentors
  • Increase the exposure and influence of Singapore scientists through international academic conferences.

Through the process, they can contribute significantly to science and the benefits of humanity.

We hope to achieve this vision in Singapore, the Asia-Pacific region, and even the world through our services and activities.


Structure of the Committee

SSS brings together the individuals from institutions, High-tech companies and organizations in and out of Singapore for discussion and cooperation.

The structure of the committee


SSS holds all kinds of events in Singapore related the fields of Sensors and Systems.




Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

general assembly

Members' Meeting

Membership Application

Ordinary Membership

Anyone who is interested in SSS association can apply for the Ordinary Membership.

1. You will be assigned to be the committee or chair of the relevant SSS conference.
2. You will be invited to be the reviewer of the relevant SSS conference.
3. You can register the SSS conference with a discounted price.

Student Membership

Current undergraduate, graduate students, phd from the colleges and universities, specializing in Sensors and Systems related, can apply for the Student Membership.

1. You can register the SSS conference at Student Membership Price.
2. SSS Members will be given preferential interview and employment opportunities.



Address: 82 Playfair road, #03-01, D'Lithium, Singapore S368001

General Require: info@triples.sg

Collaboration Require: eunicewee@triples.sg