Sensors and Systems Society of Singapore (SSS) is a nonprofit association dedicated to the promotion of education and cooperation in the field of Sensors and Systems, SSS plays a crucial role in galvanising the sensors and systems related academic community, through its extensive line-up of highly-valued programs and events, it also aims to foster industry collaboration and advancement through staging of flagship industry platforms.

By the leading of Prof. Perry Shum, the Founding Chair of SSS, SSS's member charter is to serve as the voice of members and provide members with opportunities to increase their presence as well as to internationalize operation. Our task is to open doors to exchange opportunities in Singapore and around the region. Through our various activities, initiatives and alliances, we promote our members to local and foreign network of alliance.

Forming alliances with various organizations locally, regionally and on the international front is also top priority for SSS to reach out to like-minded groups who through the strategic alliances are able to come together for greater synergy in collaborations to continue to serve our respective communities more meaningfully.


1.  Organize academic conferences, bringing different forms of ideas to something greater which promote scientific development and innovation thinking.

2.   Arrange various forms of continuing education and training to improve the quality of IT personnel.

3.  Organize international scientific and technological exchange activities to forge a better relationship with international scientific organizations between personnel and countries.

4.  Develop members, creating a holistic organization that cultivates and recommends talents.



Our vision as a regional non-profit organization is to create a community where all researchers and engineers, whether senior scientists or young professionals, can

  • Establish lifelong friendships
  • Gain reputable mentors
  • Increase the exposure and influence of Singapore scientists through international academic conferences.

Through the process, they can contribute significantly to science and the benefits of humanity.

We hope to achieve this vision in Singapore, the Asia-Pacific region, and even the world through our services and activities.




Address: 82 Playfair road, #03-01, D'Lithium, Singapore S368001

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